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Vision & Purpose

David van Buskirk created dvb Textile Designs to provide innovative textile designs to companies that serve the residential and contract market with textiles and other surface materials.

The purpose of dvbTextile Designs is to help companies make intelligent decisions involving the design, purchase and manufacturing of textiles--decisions that will increase those companies profits and help them husband natural resources in a responsible manner.

David’s designs, which could be called classically modern, stem from the materials used to construct the fabrics—and are created in a manner that allows those materials to bloom. The value David provides arises from his inventive design flair, and thorough knowledge of materials, construction and manufacturing—combined with a deep respect for the reality of running a profitable and expanding business.

David’s expertise comes from a quarter century experience as Design Director at Burlington Interior Fabrics and Forstmann & Co. He created a line of luxury textiles, Weave Design, Inc. that received accolades from interior designers and the press. David continues to consult with a wide range of textile firms. David is also an adjunct professor at FIT—an affiliation that has provided inspiration and invigoration. It has been a pleasure to call on firms and find his former students sitting across the table from him—not longer students, but potential clients and collaborators.